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Childcare Center Star Ratings Why Having No Website Or A Basic Website Can Take Away From The Credibility A Center's Star Rating 
By Kimberly Newman, Customer Success Leader @enrollsmartAs we have been helping customers in states that have star ratings and star-rated licenses for their childcare centers, we've noticed that many of these centers do not have a website at all or have an outdated site.
However, in an informal survey of parents seeking childcare arrangements, one of the first things that a parent looks at from a center's Google Listing or Facebook page is whether or not the center not only has a website but, a professional website.
It seems that design equals credibility is the feedback that we have received so often when speaking with parents. One parent commented: 
"If a business a cheap looking website or doesn't have one at all, it really makes me wonder about them because I want to know more about their services before I call them, and I want to do a…
Owner Talk:  Why a Professional Website Was Important For My Centerby Jim Shields @enrollsmartThis blog post covers the end of a brief phone conversation with Jen Kelly, Owner of First Step Academy in Independence, MO as to why a getting a professional website was important for her childcare center. Jen is an Enrollsmart client.
Jim Shields:  So Jen, tell me why you decided to get a professional website for your center?

Jen: Well, the truth is that it makes my business more credible.  When people search for childcare in my area using Google or Facebook, it looks much more professional if they are able to visit my website rather than just call me. Plus, with the online services such as payments and paperless enrollment my website lets me offer, I make things easier for myself. Not to mention all the money I'm saving.

Jim Shields: Was your website expensive? 

Jen:  Yes, the original site was expensive but, truthfully, you guys are offering so much more for just $39 a month.  Let's …