Childcare Center Star Ratings

Why Having No Website Or A Basic Website Can Take Away From The Credibility A Center's Star Rating 

By Kimberly Newman, Customer Success Leader @enrollsmart

As we have been helping customers in states that have star ratings and star-rated licenses for their childcare centers, we've noticed that many of these centers do not have a website at all or have an outdated site.

However, in an informal survey of parents seeking childcare arrangements, one of the first things that a parent looks at from a center's Google Listing or Facebook page is whether or not the center not only has a website but, a professional website.

It seems that design equals credibility is the feedback that we have received so often when speaking with parents. One parent commented: 

"If a business a cheap looking website or doesn't have one at all, it really makes me wonder about them because I want to know more about their services before I call them, and I want to do as much online as possible before I go there. Today, a website is a business's calling card." 

Whether or not a business has a website also affects its Google ranking. This week, we've built responsive, professional websites for centers in North Carolina and Louisiana; both of which use star ratings for their childcare centers. We are happy to be able to help these centers demonstrate the beauty and uniqueness of their operations while helping them reduce cost, go paperless and attract more families.  

Kimberly Newman is Customer Success Leader at Enrollsmart.  Enrollsmart is the #1 platform for online enrollment, interactive websites and complete back-end technology for small and medium-sized childcare centers. Enrollsmart was built based on more than 15 years of childcare center ownership.  

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