3 Keys to Building a Great Childcare Staff: Keep it Fun. Invest. Engage.

3 Keys to Building a Great Childcare Staff: Keep it Fun. Invest. Engage.

Chances are when a person starts a childcare business, they are not doing it solely for purpose of making money. Most people who own or work in childcare don't do it just for the money, they do it because they enjoy working with children and helping their community.

But, along the way, there comes the dreaded "business" part of running a childcare center and, of all the "business" issues that are front and center, staffing is the most important. I mean, after all, it is a "people" business.  Parents are buying into you and the people who will be caring for their children and, they can readily see which of your staff are in it for passion or just a paycheck.

However, the "reasons" people choose to work at a particular childcare center are not "fixed."  If a person made the decision to work at a childcare center because they were sold on the benefits, pay and, ho…
The childcare industry lost as much as $1.2 billion dollars in 2017, due to parents leaving unpaid tuition balances. Jim Shields is Enterprise Architect at Enrollsmart Community. He has developed and owned childcare centers in two states.
How We Discovered the Problem  While doing research and beta testing of our technology platform, we interviewed more than 300 childcare operations from 12 states with varying program size and characteristics.  Our initial research was designed to measure the average weekly tuition rate collected, by age category but, as our data began to develop and, as our conversations continued, we discovered that many providers were experiencing collection issues. Many of these providers were interested in ways to reduce the losses they were incurring.  We had extensive conversations with several developers of large childcare programs licensed for 350 children. Sadly, we also had conversations with a licensed home-based provider who had lost as much as $500 in one m…
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This is our first blog post because we have been very busy.  We will try (as much as possible) to blog about things that are relevant and interesting.  

That being said, we've discovered that there is a tremendous need in the childcare and early education field to keep current staff members engaged while taking active measures to engage employment candidates as well.

Staffing in childcare is everything.  You can have the best building, best equipment and, pay the most but, if you cannot ATTRACT and RETAIN workers, your business will suffer in every way.

By engagement, I mean are your interactions with your staff fun, competitive and, rewarding?  Does your staff know what success looks like?  Is there firm but fair policies in place that all of your employees can reference and, are they followed consistently?  

In the current age, monetary rewards and recognition are meaningful but, may not be as meaningful as, let's say.... announcing to the…